Our client service process lays out a long-term plan that aligns your investment strategies with your unique values and goals and aims to help  you make financial decisions with confidence, especially during times of transition. While time periods used in this illustration are typical, the process may take more or less time depending on circumstances.

Here is an overview of those meetings:


Discovery Meeting

Our consultative process begins with a comprehensive Discovery Meeting where your financial advisor will get to know who you are by understanding your unique values and goals, what specific financial questions or concerns you may have and what your current financial situation looks like.  Your financial advisor will work with you to assess your current financial well-being and uncover any potential opportunities or missing elements that should be included in your comprehensive investment plan.

Investment Plan

Investment Plan Meeting

Based on your Discovery Meeting, your  financial advisor will assess your current financial situation and consult with a team of carefully selected experts in a broad range of areas other than investment advising to provide you with a holistic and personalized investment plan recommendation.

Mutual Commitment

Mutual Commitment Meeting

Once both you and your financial advisor feel MPM Wealth Advisors’ investing approach can add value to your financial picture, you officially become part of the MPM  family. Your financial advisor will prepare a comprehensive evaluation of the entire range of your financial needs.

45-Day Follow-Up

45-Day Follow-Up Meeting

After the Mutual Commitment Meeting, your financial advisor will spend the next couple of weeks implementing your investment plan by transitioning your assets according to that plan. At the 45-Day Follow-Up Meeting, you will meet with your financial advisor to review and simplify your paperwork and discuss how you’d like to work with your financial advisor moving forward.  

Regular Progress

Regular Progress Meeting

Once your investment plan is in place, your financial advisor will meet with you regularly to review your progress and reevaluate your plan based on any changes in your personal life. These meetings are typically in person, and the number of times you meet is left to your discretion, but our financial advisors recommend at least once per year.