God’s Lighthouse Academy

MPM is excited to expand on our purpose of “Learn. Simplify. Grow.” by giving back to different parts of our community every quarter.  At the start of each quarter, we will announce a local charity which we will be supporting throughout the next three months and provide our clients and neighbors an opportunity to help grow our community with us.

To kick off 2017, we are partnering up with God’s Lighthouse Academy.

God’s Lighthouse Academy, located in Erie, Michigan, is a non-profit organization with a mission to serve the community by providing a safe, edifying, individualized and Christ-centered learning environment for children of all ages. Guided by the belief that once you learn to love the Lord, all knowledge will follow, the Academy’s focus is to promote spiritual growth to children who don’t receive that guidance in their every-day life.

Since its founding in 2002, not only has the Academy taught children how to come together to show the love of Christ by donating their time at local nursing homes, shelters, food giveaways etc, but attendance has grown over tenfold. Due to this growth, the Academy recently expanded into a larger facility and is in need of many supplies. The most needed items are listed below. To see the full list of needs, click here: GLA Wish List

There will be a donation bin in the lobby of MPM for anyone who would like to donate to the cause. We will be collecting supplies through the end of March, so if you have a meeting at MPM this quarter, you’re in the neighborhood, or just want to contribute to a great cause – we welcome you to stop by and drop off an item or two!