Getting the Most Out of Your Investment Advisor

Written by Marge Mittendorf, VP of Client Services, MPM Wealth Advisors







I have worked as an executive assistant at MPM since 1996. I’m responsible for providing support to our clients. Throughout my many years of experience, I’ve noticed that not all clients utilize the full array of services and resources available to them when working with an investment advisory firm like MPM.

I most often hear from clients during tax season or when there is an unexpected expense that requires extra cash. While these are important reasons to reach out to your advisor, your advisor and support team can offer so much more. For example, they can:

  • act as the first point of contact and coordinator of efforts among all other professionals you may work with, such as CPAs and attorneys;
  • review and advise on trust and intergenerational issues;
  • assist with estate planning and other life altering matters;
  • provide advice on your current employee retirement plan as well as solutions after retirement;
  • help identify the right educational funding plan for future generations;
  • provide advice on tax efficient strategies for charitable gift giving;
  • lead the execution of the final distributions to heirs and beneficiaries.

From the initial client discovery meeting through the ongoing consulting process, you have a team committed to providing an all-inclusive experience. Make sure you’re taking advantage of all this team has to offer!