DFA’s Eugene Fama Awarded Nobel Prize in Economics

We are pleased to announce that Eugene Fama has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics. Professor Fama’s groundbreaking work on asset pricing and markets inspired the founding of Dimensional, and his ongoing contributions have guided our investment approach for more than three decades.

What does this mean?
Why is MPM Wealth Advisors so proud of this announcement?

LET’S CONNECT THE DOTS… Eugene Fama is the principal scholar whose groundbreaking work inspired the founding of Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA). He serves on the DFA’s board of directors and Investment Policy Committee. In this capacity, Professor Fama advises DFA on many of its strategies and is also a frequent speaker at DFA conferences and seminars. Professor Fama has written two books and published more than 100 articles in academic journals.

CONNECTING … MPM uses DFA Mutual Funds, designed by Dimensional Fund Advisors as the tools and the asset classes that can be blended to provide a portfolio that adheres to client preferences. DFA’s investment approach is grounded in the disciplined academic application of Modern Portfolio Theory. DFA has elected to give MPM access to its funds, allowing us to construct client portfolios using a broad array of funds which are academically engineered.

MPM is very proud to be professionally associated with Dimensional Fund Advisors. We regularly use DFA publications for client presentations and mailings. The DFA Advisors Dashboard is a professional and valued resource that provides MPM Advisors access to Dimensional editorials, materials, and analytical tools. MPM Advisors often call upon DFA Associates to discuss industry related issues, and attend DFA conferences.

In closing, we invite you to log into www.DFAUS.com and tour the DFA web site. Also of interest is the Press release-10-14 The Prize in Economic Sciences 2013 from The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences