The Happiness Equation

  • October 8, 2018

Written By: Brad Steiman, Head of Canadian Financial Advisor Services, Vice President Dimensional Fund Advisors To say that “money isn’t everything” is more than a cliché. Studies in the early 1970s demonstrated that a sense of well-being, or happiness, had…

Quarterly Market Review Q2 2018

  • July 19, 2018

Click below to download the complete copy of our 2018 Q2  Market Review, which features quarterly performance of the global equity and fixed income markets. Quarterly Market Report 2018 Q2

The A, B, C, & D of Medicare

  • May 14, 2018

Whether your 65th birthday is on the horizon or decades away, you should understand the parts of Medicare – what they cover and where they come from. Parts A & B: Original Medicare. America created a national health insurance program…

Tax Efficiency in Retirement

  • April 2, 2018

Will you pay higher taxes in retirement? Do you have a lot of money in a 401(k) or a traditional IRA? If so, you may receive significant retirement income. Those income distributions, however, will be taxed at the usual rate….

Keeping This Correction in Perspective

  • February 12, 2018

Are you upset by what is happening on Wall Street? It may help to see this pullback within a big-picture context. Corrections have become so rare as of late that when one occurs, emotion threatens to influence investment decisions. So…